D.D.– Bensalem, PA

A year ago, I couldn’t walk, stand or sit without great pain and tears. Dr. Dan changed all that!

Years of back abuse, (ie bad posture, improper heavy lifting) started arthritis. Next, were the lower back strains and sprains from bending and turning incorrectly and overuse. Finally I developed a protrusion (disc herniation) in one of the discs in my back that pinched a nerve and caused lower back and constant leg pain. I had an MRI and a nerve test and a friend referred me to a chiropractor. He told me to get more tests done. My primary care physician at the time told me to see a surgeon. The surgeon told me to see an anesthesiologist for nerve blocks. The anesthesiologist started blocks in the middle of my back. During the weeks of the third shot, I saw an ad at a university hospital for a new procedure. I went to check it out because nothing up until this point relieved my pain. The doctor said “No, not yet. Start direct nerve blocks”. After the second shot I had a reaction. Within one week I was in the hospital to rule out a heart attack! I’m only 40!! My discharge note read “Avoid Cortisone shots”.

“A year ago, I couldn’t walk, stand or sit without great pain and tears. Dr. Dan changed all that!”

Over the next couple of months I could not sit, stand or walk without crying in pain. I probably made things worse by doing alot for my three kids. Just a whole lot slower. I was forced to drive with my left foot. I had to fall over to lay down. School conferences were spent laying on the floor. My child’s eighth grade graduation, I sat in a specially arranged lounge chair to avoid aggravating my back and leg pain. Life at this time was difficult and PAINFUL! I began looking for alternatives and saw an ad for a special table at a chiropractor’s office. I called and thought this would be the answer. He told me my insurance would not cover this special procedure even though I argued with them that nothing else has helped my lower back and leg pain.

Then I received the local Money Mailer packet in the mail. An ad for Dr. Dan at Neshaminy Valley Chropractic was in it (I don’t know if I never saw this ad or just never believed enough to call). Nevertheless, I called to make an appointment and I am glad I did. Dr. Dan answered all of my questions and listened. He showed me how he handles my type of condition, he reviewed my MRI and I started treatment the next day.

I have gone from three days a week to once a week at Dr. Dan’s office along with exercises I perform at home. I am back to work (in a doctor’s office) 8-10 hours on most days. Life is now close to normal. If I don’t lift a laundry basket incorrectly or go snow tubing-life is GREAT! Thanks to Dr. Dan.

The irony of all of this-I NEVER believed in chiropractors. I always believed they are not REAL doctors and make you feel worse. My story proves that wrong. In fact, chiropractors have very similar educations as medical doctors and osteopaths and the only main difference is that they don’t prescribe medication. Dr. Dan changed my back (and belief in chiropractic). Dr. Dan is an honest and competent chiropractor. I have even referred friends to him for care.

D.D.-Bensalem, PA